Pueblo Bonito

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Chaco Canyon is a place of power and knowledge. These ancient structures held within the Canyon and in the Greater Chaco landscape serve as reminders of the collective foundation and celestial knowledge shared among our many tribal nations who traveled for trade and ceremony in this central gathering place. Many of these buildings were intentionally constructed in orientation to the cardinal directions and Solar/Lunar cycles, forming a relationship between earth, sky, and people. 

Pueblo Bonito is the largest of many great houses in this region. It holds a tremendous amount of cultural and historical significance, and has associations with the cardinal directions depicting the meridian and equinox. When the sun is on the meridian (bold red line), its aligned with the north and south axis. The equinox (dotted line) is documented through the rising and setting of the sun on its southern wall. 

Today, our Native Nations are fighting battles in protection of our ancestral homelands which is being threatened by corporate exploitation and desecration. From Mauna Kea to Chaco Canyon - we will continue to fight for our sacred places and what we hold close to our hearts. 


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