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Khohay Apparel integrates modern forms and concepts with traditional Puebloan aesthetics to create unique southwestern gear and athletic apparel. Symbols and iconography depicted on pottery and embroidery are not only for ornate decorative purposes but carry great symbolic significance and serve as visual representations of the natural world, landscape, and if used properly, for prayer. There is an undeniable truth to our craft and traditional and cultural knowledge that is deeply rooted and embedded within Puebloan art forms.

By adding the symbols and iconography on apparel, you become the vessel, carrying and embodying those traditional cultural teachings/value systems with you whether you're at work, pumping some iron, or hitting the trails! We hope that you will incorporate the power and integrity that the designs represent into into your own holistic approach of self betterment and what it means to be a good neighbor/relative here in the southwest!

Khohay Apparel was founded by artist and designer David A. Naranjo. Naranjo is from the Pueblos of Santa Clara, San Juan, Cochiti, and resides in Albuquerque, NM. A recent graduate from the Institute of American Indian Arts, Naranjo is working in multiple mediums to depict cultural symbolism through stylized Puebloan pottery designs and fine geometrical linear work. His work has been shown at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, Poeh Cultural Center, Singular Couture Gallery, Farahnheight Fine Art Gallery and has even been featured in the Surface Design Journal and on the cover of Local Flavor Magazines August issue. Naranjo’s work reflects and serves as an example to the ever changing adaptation of modern culture and indigenous Puebloan traditions.

General & Wholesale inquiries, contact khohayapparel@gmail.com